Do not be careless during the disassembly process of the damper!

As we all know, once there is a problem with the damper, it will have an adverse effect on the products it is applied to. Therefore, sometimes it is inevitable to encounter situations that need to be disassembled during use. At this time, everyone needs to be cautious and do not be careless. Follow Wenzhou Jim Automation Technology Co., Ltd. to see what needs to be paid attention to during the disassembly process of the damper, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Take the damper in the toilet lid as an example. First, check the toilet lid. Put down the upright toilet seat. If the toilet seat can stay in any position and fall slowly and evenly, it means that there is no problem with the toilet seat. If the toilet lid or seat cushion snaps down quickly, it means that the damping system slow-down system is faulty. Next, press the inside of the pin at the connection between the toilet cover and the toilet to the outside, and then lift the toilet cover up. This makes it easy to remove the toilet lid.

The third step of dismantling the damper is to take a right-angled hexagonal wrench, use the short end to insert one end of the pin from the outside, push it hard to the inside, and then the pin will come out. Then take out the pin on the other side as well, which is also an important step. The two pins removed are the damping and slow-down system of the toilet lid. Then install the pins on the toilet lid in the reverse order of removal. Then, align the two holes on the pins under the toilet lid with the two small uprights on the toilet, and press down to install it. It is very simple.
The above is the introduction of the impact of the damper on the electric kettle. Customers who have a demand for the damper can take the initiative to contact Wenzhou Jim Automation Technology Co., Ltd. We look forward to establishing a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with you.



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