The wardrobe door is so "docile", the rotary damper has worked hard

For the wardrobe door, in order to ensure that it can be closed safely and stably, it is very necessary to provide door closing buffer and reduce noise, so experienced technicians tried to apply the rotary damper to it, but the effect was unexpected. It not only achieves the above purpose, but also brings a lot of help to the user's personal safety and the service life of the product. The damper can provide it with a good damping and buffering effect, but it needs to be used in conjunction with an external invisible hinge, so that the impact force generated when the door is closed can be reduced. The door is closed very quietly, almost silently, and extremely docile.

However, it also has some disadvantages, that is, it cannot be used for built-in doors, and there may be oil leakage after failure. In addition, if the door is forced to close quickly from the inside, such as sliding the door or pushing the door from the outside, its use will be shortened. life. Therefore, in order to facilitate our use, we need to pay attention to the above matters.



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