What are the effects of dampers on electric kettles?

As we all know, dampers have brought us great convenience in the field of household electrical appliances. Take electric kettles as an example. They are low-cost, practical and convenient, and are essential household items. However, its current achievements are not achieved overnight. It is created by accumulation and precipitation. Next, let's follow Wenzhou Jim Automation Technology Co., Ltd. to see what the impact of the damper on the electric kettle is. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Electric kettles have had a problem for a long time before. If the water in the kettle is full, the water in the kettle will splash when the lid is closed, which will cause safety hazards. It is the appearance of the rotary damper. This problem is solved easily. Its unique buffering and damping functions can reduce the speed of closing the lid of the kettle very well, creating a gentle and rhythmic movement trajectory for it, and the hidden dangers of safety are eliminated.

In fact, not only that, after the number is reduced, the power of the lid product is greatly weakened, and the loss of the pot and the lid is also reduced to a negligible level, which increases its life to a certain extent. In addition, due to the low cost of the damper, it has little impact on the overall price of the product. For such a cheap and practical product, the user experience has naturally been greatly improved, which is beneficial to the sales of the product. Without any harm, it is the choice of many kettle manufacturers.

The above is the introduction of the impact of the damper on the electric kettle. Customers who have a demand for the damper can take the initiative to contact Wenzhou Jim Automation Technology Co., Ltd. We look forward to establishing a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with you.



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