Advantages and Principles of Rotary Dampers

Rotary damper is a component used in many instruments. It has a good shock absorption effect and is widely used in all walks of life. Next, let's follow Wenzhou Jim Automation Technology Co., Ltd. to see the principle and advantages of rotary dampers. I hope to be helpful.

Principle of Rotary Damper: Rotary damper is a general term for components. Its structure uses the hydraulic principle and uses electromagnetism to make it run. In order to make the rotary damper have a good anti-vibration effect, in general, the structure of the rotary damper is using passive devices. The rotary damper has an electromagnetic bearing, which makes the structure of the rotary damper more excellent, and has both electromagnetic and shock-proof properties.

Advantages of rotary dampers: Different from the movement type of gears and the importance of coordination, the function of the spiral damper is to deploy the parts around itself, so that these parts work together to achieve the ultimate goal. Moreover, since the rotary damper is evolved from a shock-resistant damper, the service life of the rotary damper is also very long, which undoubtedly prolongs the life of the items using the rotary damper.
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