Elements to consider when replacing a toilet lid damper

I believe that toilets are used in many families, but if the toilet is broken and there is a problem, the toilet cover damper needs to be replaced. Then, what are the elements that need to be considered when replacing the toilet cover damper? Everyone to find out.

  Size to consider when replacing toilet lid dampers: Many people don't know the size of toilet lids. The toilet actually came out from the manufacturer, and the opened mold was designed according to the physiological characteristics of the human body. Some different sizes are designed to suit different people. Toilets don't have all kinds of weird sizes. Since the birth of the toilet, most households have used the same size. But the lid is different, the size of the toilet is standard, and the lid can be large or small.

   If the lid is broken and needs to be replaced with a new one, you need to measure the correct size of the lid and reposition it. Measured as above, dimensional measurements can be made in several locations. The lid of the toilet is not one size, there are many shapes, it can also be round or square. If you are worried about the incorrect measurement, wash your toilet cover and remove it, and compare it directly to the outside before buying it. If the size of the toilet cover is not suitable.

  The width of the toilet cover damper should be considered when replacing: due to different shapes, it varies according to the width of the toilet, generally 30cm-50cm. Generally, for fat people, a width of 50 cm is no problem! I don't care much about the height of the toilet. Generally, the height of the toilet is about 70cm, the length is about 70cm, and the small one is 62cm.



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