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Medium Adjustable Shock Absorber

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Product features

Currently used in automobile welding production lines, powertrains, pet blow molding machines, cranes, paper making equipment, port quay crane equipment, tire equipment, security access control, lithium battery design, semiconductor equipment, solar equipment, medical equipment, etc.

Product details

When the input parameters change or are not clearly defined, the adjustable hydraulic series products provide a flexible solution for different energy absorption needs. Just simply turn the adjustment knob, you can change the size of the damping force to adapt to various situations . When the rotary knob is turned to 8, the damping force is the largest; on the contrary, the damping force is the smallest when the scale is adjusted to 0. Depending on the direction of rotation, turning the adjustment knob increases or decreases the orifice clearance (orifice size)

The buffers are all externally threaded cylinders, which expands the heat dissipation area and makes installation more flexible. The outer diameter of the thread is optional from M10*1 to M115*2, the stroke is optional from 7mm to 250mm, and the single absorption energy is optional from 6nm to 19200nm. A variety of specifications meet the needs of different working conditions.


Shock Absorber




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