The Difference Between One-Word Torque Hinge and Hinge

These are two different types of hardware. A hinge is a tool that connects movable and fixed parts, such as a hinge between a door and a wall. One-Word Torque Hinge can be used for connections between fixed and movable objects, and is often used for connections between movable objects. The One-Word Torque Hinge is looser and longer than the hinge. One-Word Torque Hinge moves while stationary.

One-Word Torque Hinge

1. The hinge is completely connected with the One-Word Torque Hinge in the process of opening the window, so many times, people often call it One-Word Torque Hinge, but the hinged sash just rotates, and the One-Word Torque Hinge sash are rotated and translated at the same time. In many cases, hinges and One-Word Torque Hinge can be replaced with each other, but in some special cases, hinges must be used, such as inverted windows generally use hinges, super large casement windows (large windows like doors) The hinges used are generally difficult to meet the force requirements, and it is necessary to use multiple hinges to jointly bear the force.

2. The hinges are mainly installed on doors and windows. There are many One-Word Torque Hinge installed in the cabinet; classified by material, it is mainly divided into stainless steel One-Word Torque Hinge and iron One-Word Torque Hinge. For better enjoyment, the Hydraulic One-Word Torque Hinge has appeared, which is characterized by a certain degree of cushioning and excellent noise reduction.

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