In-LineTorque Hinge purchase common sense

1. Look at the material and weigh the weight

The In-Line Torque Hinge used by big brands is basically formed by one-time stamping of cold-rolled steel. Moreover, the coating of this In-LineTorque Hinge is relatively thick and not easy to rust. It is very strong and durable, with strong resilience and can be used for a long time.

In-LineTorque Hinge

2. Experience the feel

In-LineTorque Hinge with different pros and cons has different weights. Good hinges are heavy and thick, and feel smooth and delicate, while poor hinges feel rough.

3. View the details

A good In-LineTorque Hinge works very well even in small gaps. This hinge has no sound when used, stretches smoothly without jerky, and rebounds with even force. Some hinges of poor quality will make a harsh sound when used, and will cause the phenomenon of leaning forward and backward, loosening and sagging after a long time.

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