The specific method of In-LineTorque Hinge china installation

After buying something like In-LineTorque Hinge china, it will be installed next. Of course, most of the installation work is not done by the user. This is installed by special workers, such as furniture. The ones above are generally installed by workers who make furniture, and then the cabinets above the doors are also installed by corresponding workers. The installation of the high-end In-LineTorque Hinge china is actually not complicated. Some users may be interested in this product and want to know how to install it. In addition, some users may have something on the cabinet that is broken. , and then bought one myself, hoping to learn how to install it, so today I will introduce you how to install this thing.

The specific method of In-LineTorque Hinge china installation

To install this kind of thing, you need to prepare the tools first, and the tools you need are also very simple, such as electric drills and hole saws, in addition to level or tape measure, in addition to woodworking pencils, these Things have to be ready, and then there are screwdrivers ready to go. When the high-end In-LineTorque Hinge china is installed, prepare all these things, and then carry out marking and positioning. Of course, some auxiliary tools are needed when marking and positioning, such as woodworking pencils and measuring boards. Yes, the purpose of marking and positioning is actually very clear, that is, to locate, to figure out where this thing is installed, because after positioning, it is easy to use a hole opener or a pistol electric drill to drill holes on the door panel.

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