How much do you know about In-LineTorque Hinge

Although things like In-LineTorque Hinge are very common, there are still many friends who have only heard of the name, and they still lack the necessary understanding of the professional knowledge of In-LineTorque Hinge. After all, everyone is not a professional in this field. person. But because this thing is relatively common in life, especially when it is used for decoration, it may also be used when repairing furniture, and many friends also need to buy this thing. So it is necessary to introduce some common sense of this product to you.

In-LineTorque Hinge

First of all, what is this thing used for? It is generally believed that the main function of In-Line Torque Hinge like this is to be installed on the door, and then the door can be rotated freely after installation. Of course, some products may realize some Special functions, such as automatic prohibition or automatic rebound. Then there are many types of this product, such as adjustable and non-adjustable, removable and non-removable, and one-way or two-way. There are fireproof functions, and others may be hidden or embedded. This kind of product is OK, it has anti-theft function, or it has a narrow frame and so on. There are many types of such products divided according to different performance categories.

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