Application of Gearless Damper in Industrial Manufacturing

Gearless Damper is a new type of part commonly used in mechanical transmission systems, and its function is to reduce the impact and vibration generated during rotation. Today, Gearless Damper is widely used in industrial manufacturing and electromechanical technology.

Gearless Damper is a new type of part based on the principle of magnetorheological damping. It is mainly composed of outer cover, rotor, electromagnetic coil and so on. When in use, when the electromagnetic coil receives a control signal, the magnetic fluid inside it will change accordingly to change the damping characteristics. In this way, during mechanical transmission, the rotation speed of the rotor can be reduced, and the inertia force and impact force generated by rotation can be reduced. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the noise and vibration generated by mechanical transmission, and improve the safety and reliability of equipment use.

Gearless Damper

Compared with traditional gear units, Gearless Damper is more compact, easy to install and maintain, and its damping effect is better. In addition, Gearless Damper also has self-adaptive ability, which can automatically adjust its damping characteristics according to the size and change of the actual transmission load, so as to ensure the safety, stability and reliability of mechanical transmission.

With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, digitalization and intelligence, Gearless Damper has been more and more widely used. It is widely used in various types of mechanical transmission systems, such as automobiles, industrial robots, aerospace equipment, railway transportation systems and other fields.

In conclusion, Gearless Damper is an excellent new mechanical part with excellent damping performance and compact structural design. It brings more advanced and reliable transmission control technology to the machinery manufacturing industry, and will continue to be more widely used in the future development.

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