How to choose china In-LineTorque Hinge


Different quality China In-LineTorque Hinges feel different when used. The high-quality China In-LineTorque Hinge has a softer force when opening the cabinet door, and it will automatically rebound when it is closed to 15 degrees, and the rebound force is very uniform. Consumers can open and close the cabinet door more when purchasing to experience the hand feeling.

china In-LineTorque Hinge

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The details can tell whether the product is good or not, so as to confirm whether the quality is outstanding. The hardware used in high-quality wardrobe hardware has a thick feel and smooth surface, and even achieves a quiet effect in design. Inferior hardware is generally made of cheap metal such as thin iron sheets, and the cabinet door stretches jerky and even makes harsh sounds.

When choosing China In-LineTorque Hinge, in addition to visual inspection and hand feeling, and the smooth and smooth surface of China In-LineTorque Hinge, attention should be paid to the return performance of China In-LineTorque Hinge spring. The quality of the reed also determines the opening angle of the door panel. A good quality reed can make the opening angle exceed 90 degrees.

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