Function of In-Line Torque Hinge

Currently, the product portfolio of major suppliers of In-LineTorque Hinge and positioning technology includes the "torque continuum", as well as a variety of In-LineTorque Hinge products with different torque characteristics. Industrial designers can filter out different products from these continuums to meet functional and ergonomic requirements and provide different touch experiences, thereby leaving a unique impression of quality and function on users. Features of these products include:

In-Line Torque Hinge

Holds door panels open or closed and moves panels smoothly into position without the aid of auxiliary supports or other components.

Enables intuitive zero-offset movement so that when a door or cover is opened it remains securely in a user-defined or pre-determined position, all in one step.

Provides specific tactile feedback to enhance the texture of the In-LineTorque Hinge unit.

The absence of additional components such as air rods or routine maintenance such as tightening screws to maintain In-LineTorque Hinge resistance helps reduce overall cost.

Provides a smoother, more solid feel and eliminates vibration during opening and closing operations.

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