An in-depth look at the In-LineTorque Hinge

In-LineTorque Hinge, also known as free stop hinge or positioning hinge, can fix the door at any angle within the specified range, In-LineTorque Hinge has the ability to maintain its angle or position.

As highlighted in the examples above, In-LineTorque Hinge can improve worker efficiency and operational safety. The lid and box are secured by hinges, freeing workers to do other work. The torsion hinge also reduces the risk of the case lid dropping suddenly, reducing the possibility of injury.

In-LineTorque Hinge

The traditional way is that in addition to installing ordinary hinges, additional support from support rods is required.

The In-LineTorque Hinge 2-in-1 has two functions that directly fix the case cover at this angle; no additional components are required.

Failure to install the In-LineTorque Hinge may close unexpectedly or unintentionally, increasing the risk of injury.

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