What can Gearless Damper products do

The role of Gearless Damper products is to slow down and absorb shocks. Gearless Damper products are a device that uses damping characteristics to slow down mechanical vibration and consume kinetic energy, also known as shock absorbers. It is commonly used in the suspension system of cars and motorcycles, and some bicycles also have shock absorbers.

Gearless Damper products

The various friction and other impeding effects that dampen free vibrations are called damping. The "special" components placed on the structural system can provide movement resistance and devices that consume movement energy, which we call Gearless Damper products.

Gearless Damper products are just a component, and they have different damping effects when used in different places or in different working environments. Used for vibration reduction; used for shock resistance, allowing movement at low speeds, locking when the speed or acceleration exceeds the corresponding value, forming a rigid support.

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