What does Gearless Damper do

1. The role of Gearless Damper is mainly to reduce vibration and energy. Gearless Damper is a device that can quickly stop the movable part of the instrument at a stable deflection position. In seismic instruments, Gearless Damper is used to absorb the inherent vibration energy of the vibration system, and its damping force is generally proportional to the speed of the vibration system. There are mainly three types of liquid gearless damper, gas gearless damper and electromagnetic gearless damper.

Gearless Damper

2. Gearless Damper plays an important role in compensating the small friction and air resistance in the vibration pickup pendulum system and improving the frequency response. Gearless Damper is widely used in aerospace, aviation, military, machinery and other industries. In the gravity rack storage, due to the influence of gravity, the goods are accelerated in the inclined storage slide.

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