Cleaning and maintenance of china One-Word Torque Hinge

How to properly clean and maintain china One-Word Torque Hinge? Please refer to the following points:

1. Wipe the china One-Word Torque Hinge with a dry cloth. Wipe gently with a dry soft cloth, do not use chemical cleaners or acidic liquids to clean, if you find hard-to-remove black spots on the surface, wipe it with a little kerosene;

china One-Word Torque Hinge

2. Use lubricant to maintain china One-Word Torque Hinge. It is normal to make noise after using it for a long time. In order to ensure the pulley is smooth and quiet for a long time, you can regularly add some lubricating oil for maintenance every 2-3 months.

3. Prevent heavy objects and sharp objects from bumping and scratching.

4. Avoid rough pulling and hard pulling during transportation, which may damage the hardware at the furniture joints.

In addition, china One-Word Torque Hinge can also be processed by powder coating, galvanized alloy, galvanized steel, sandblasting, chrome-plated galvanized steel, nickel-plated steel, brushed and polished.

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