Effective Multi-Function Shock Absorber with high energy absorption capacity

ReoSHOC Multi-function Shock Absorber is suitable for more Automatic applications. One model can replace many products in the existing in the market. The adjustment knob drives the internal overflow hole position and size, and different damping-Stroke curves can be achieved from one ReoSHOC Shock Absorber. Within the stroke, a variety of damping force changes can be provided, including adjustable damping force and fixed damping force, to ensure that the Shock Absorber is more suitable for the application parameters.

This patented design uses two precise matched cylinders to allow or limit the flow of hydraulic oil through an optional overflow hole. Multiple damping curves are available, including: progressive damping force, self-compensation damping force, etc. This ReoSHOC Multi-function Shock Absorber is made of alloy steel or stainless steel, which is durable, especially suitable for harsh, corrosive or sanitary environments.

1. A single Shock Absorber can provide multiple damping force, adapt to more application parameters, and easy for the client to prepare the stock.

2. Wider energy absorption capacity, available to low speed and normal speed impact application.

3. Model sizing is simpler, and more efficiency for Shock Absorber testing and sizing.

4. Long life design with solid and durable structure, and the whole cycle life of ReoSHOC Shock Absorber can be 3 million impacts under correct installation.

Effective Multi-Function Shock Absorber with high energy absorption capacity

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