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Precautions for the installation of the damping wheel

Update time : 2021-06-23

Source : Dream Automation

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Precautions for the installation of the damping wheel

The essence of the damping wheel is to provide a way to use the cushioning properties of the liquid to produce an effect and to help us. In our daily life, it can be said that the damping wheels are everywhere, such as the door connection of wardrobes, bookcases, wine cabinets, lockers and other furniture.

1. It is forbidden to start when the installation strength is insufficient

(1) If the installation strength is insufficient, it may cause mechanical damage and personal injury.

(2) Please ensure the installation strength and load torque safety factor.

2. It is forbidden to be used as a stopping device

(1) Please use within the allowable range of the damping wheel. Please do not use the limit position of the damping wheel to stop the object. When the damping wheel is used as a braking device, accidents of personal injury and mechanical injury may occur.

(2) When installing an external stop device, please use it after confirming the allowable use angle of the damping wheel.

3. Prohibition of over-torque use

When used above the rated torque, it will cause oil leakage, shortened life, shaft damage and even mechanical accidents. Please use it within a large working torque range.

4. It is prohibited to use outside the specified temperature range

If used outside the specified operating temperature range, it will cause oil leakage and abnormal torque. Please use within the specified operating temperature range.

5. Pay attention to the use environment

(1) Do not use it under vacuum and high pressure to avoid mechanical damage.

(2) Please avoid using it in an environment where cutting powder, cutting oil, liquid, etc. adhere to the damper wheel. This is the cause of undesirable phenomena, such as damage to the damper wheel and oil leakage.

6. It is forbidden to discard the damping wheel at will

The oil treatment in the damping wheel will cause environmental pollution. Please follow the prescribed waste oil treatment methods.