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What is the problem that the rotating damper is easy to wear

Update time : 2021-06-23

Source : Dream Automation

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What is the problem that the rotating damper is easy to wear

What is the problem that the rotating damper is easy to wear? I often see the rotating damper in my life and work. Many companies install this equipment when the machinery is in motion. It is suitable for various mechanical movements that need to be cushioned. This equipment is used for computer optical disc drives, CD players in and out of warehouses, opening and closing of laptops, seat adjustment, mobile phone flips, cassette tapes, etc. Rotary dampers are used in the production of electronic equipment, various light industrial production fields and mechanical equipment production fields.

The surface of the rotary damper is in contact during operation. In order to prolong the service life of the product and reduce wear, it is important to select damping grease for the rotary damper in different use environments. Rotary damper mainly uses the braking effect (resistance) of damping grease and viscous oil on rotating body parts. The damping grease sealed in the rotary damper generates a damping force in the movement of the moving parts, and the damping force depends on the viscosity of the damping grease and the oil contact area. The amount of torque produced.

In gear systems, household appliances control, electronic switch mechanisms, outdoor entertainment equipment, laser control, TV tuning, measuring instruments, etc., damping grease is used to control activities and reduce noise. Due to its own viscosity, damping grease can also prevent equipment and instruments from being exposed to moisture, dust and other contaminants, avoid complete sealing between moving parts, reduce wear and extend product life.